Frederick’s Tower


In the first half of the 14th century, the Counts of Celje (elevated to Princes in 1436) built the so–called “bergfrid” on the natural rise. A defence tower, with almost three metres thick walls, served as the last refuge from attackers. On the first floor of the 23 metres high tower was a dungeon, and above it rooms intended for storage of weapons and other equipment. There was a defence passageway surrounding the entire top floor of the tower.

Frederick’s tower in the past
Frederick’s tower after the renovation
The inside of Frederick’s tower

According to legend, Frederick’s father disapproved of his son’s marriage to Veronica of Desenice so he imprisoned him in the defence tower, which was later named after him, Frederick’s Tower.

With the restoration of the Frederick’s Tower, the Old Castle Celje is richer for yet a third infrastructure acquisition. The investment “the Counts of Celje yesterday and tomorrow”: The Old Castle Celje, consisted of three thematically linked sets in the period from 2007 to 2010: the arrangement of the access to Frederick’s Tower with a multipurpose staircase, the arrangement of the necessary external infrastructure for events and visitors and the sanitation of the Frederic’s Tower (Opened in August 2010).